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A map showing 16 acres of Paris superimposed on the Balboa Reservoir development site.

16 Acres of Paris

Just a quick post today. The City of San Francisco is asking for public input on the proposed Balboa Reservoir development site. There is a meeting tonight, Tuesday, May 5th (details here). My idea: Let’s reuse the best parts of Paris — the parks, narrow streets, and mixed-use buildings. With that pattern, the 16-acre site could fit 1000-1500 new dwelling… Read more →

Imagining McAllister Street narrowed to about 15 feet wide -- the size of the existing sidewalk -- with a row of new houses placed in the existing auto roadway.

Narrowing a Residential Street – McAllister

We will transmit this City not only, not less, but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us. – Derived from the Ephebic Oath, Athens, 4th Century BCE I took the image below outside my apartment on the 1400 block of McAllister Street between Scott and Pierce. It’s a pretty ordinary street in San Francisco. The buildings are… Read more →

Steiner re-imagined as a one-way narrow street, approximately 15-20 feet wide. There's no need for a segregated sidewalk since this is a Place For People where traffic moves slowly. On-street parking has been removed.

Narrowing Around a Park – Alamo Square

If we’re going to imagine a future San Francisco that primarily consists of narrow streets for people, then we need a way to begin visualizing it. I want to start with a partial mock-up of Alamo Square, which along with Divisadero Street is the main public gathering place in my neighborhood. This is Steiner Street between Hayes and Grove as… Read more →