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Narrow street with greenery in Paroikia, Greece.

Narrow Streets with Trees

The “after” images in my recent proposal to narrow a residential street such as McAllister didn’t emphasize any street trees or other greenery. The general lack of greenery was one of the more common issues raised, even among many supporters of the broader narrow streets proposal. Of course, plants of all kinds certainly play a role in making a street… Read more →

A couple walks down a narrow residential street in Amsterdam. Photo by Dylan Passmore.

Narrow Streets Around the World, Vol. 1

We’re exploring the idea that San Francisco could function well if the majority of its streets were much narrower — essentially converting today’s sidewalks into traditional narrow streets, and re-using the pavement in between as buildable space for new houses and shops. In this post we’ll travel the world for some inspiration as to how the finished product might look… Read more →