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Paseos de San Francisco

If you’re into people-centric streets, this year’s mayoral election has an interesting candidate in Reed Martin. On his website Grand SF he lays out a vision for reimagined streets that matches up nicely with what I’ve written about here at Narrow Streets SF. Global cities have long recognized that streets are about much more than driving; they sustain our communities.… Read more →

Are Sidewalks Even Necessary?

This is a guest post by Simon Vallée. It originally appeared on his blog Urban Kchoze. Habitually, one of the first things considered to indicate a walk-friendly area is the presence, or absence, of sidewalks. In general, if none are present, most assume that the area is thus hostile to pedestrians. That was what I thought too… until I chanced… Read more →

Narrow street with greenery in Paroikia, Greece.

Narrow Streets with Trees

The “after” images in my recent proposal to narrow a residential street such as McAllister didn’t emphasize any street trees or other greenery. The general lack of greenery was one of the more common issues raised, even among many supporters of the broader narrow streets proposal. Of course, plants of all kinds certainly play a role in making a street… Read more →

A smaller-than-typical FedEx truck used for express deliveries in American cities.

Deliveries on Narrow Streets

Let’s take a look at some ways that people in Traditional Cities handle package deliveries. Keep in mind their streets are typically narrower than ours, in the range of 8-25 feet wide — or what Nathan Lewis calls a Narrow Street For People. For big delivery companies like FedEx and DHL, operating in the human-scaled environments of Europe or Asia simply… Read more →

A pleasant narrow street in Tokyo.

A Narrow Streets Primer

This is a guest post by Andrew Price. It originally appeared on his blog. I love narrow streets, they are an essential part of making a city feel warm, inviting, and most importantly, human-scale. American traffic engineers will hate me. Most of them believe in building cities around cars and that every street should be a highway. Here is downtown Fort… Read more →

A fire truck operates on a narrow street in Austria.

Fire Trucks That Fit

The SF Fire Department is an advocate for wide streets. This is reflected both in their public statements and in the SF Fire Code, which mandates a minimum street width of 26 feet to accommodate the Department’s trucks. More recently Supervisor Scott Wiener has been pushing back on that position. Early last year he called on the Department to replace… Read more →